Collaborate, Connect, and Grow: Introducing CROWNHOOD — Bounties Platform for the CrownWorld Ecosystem

Crown World
3 min readApr 18, 2023

Discover our new Bounties Platform, now live in beta!

A learn-and-earn platform for rookies to explore opportunities and incentivize their skills.

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Learn and Earn Bounties Platform, now live in its beta version. Designed to create a collaborative environment for tasks and services, our platform aims to connect bounty sponsors, hunters, and projects in the Crown World ecosystem.

1. Bounties Platform

  • A platform for rookies to research, learn and earn simultaneously
  • Encourage peer-to-peer interactions and trustless relationships
  • Create a synergistic space for bounty sponsors, explorers, and projects
  • Seamless transition from Web2 to Web3
  • Platform to bridge rookies with Cryptoverse

2. Key Features (Beta Version)

2.1. Bounty Sponsors

  • Attract and engage talented bounty explorers
  • Facilitate the growth of projects and initiatives

2.2. Bounty Explorers

  • Learn and earn opportunities while engaging to complete the listed tasks
  • Bounties to cater to everyone’s skills and interests
  • Rewards without any risk and financial investment
  • Earn token-based compensation for contributions

2.3. Community-Driven Curation

  • Decentralized governance for bounty prioritization
  • Resilient to market conditions
  • Foster collective intelligence in the CROWNWORLD ecosystem
  • Access to skill-based Job opportunities

3. Connecting the Ecosystem and Empowering Contributors

  • Bring together talented contributors in the Cryptoverse
  • Incentivize participation with token rewards and ecosystem benefits
  • Strengthen the community by bridging the gaps between bounty sponsors, explorers, and Projects

4. Adding Value to Our Ecosystem

  • Enhance collaboration and synergy in the CROWNWORLD Ecosystem
  • Support the growth of projects and individuals through bounties
  • Premium membership and a spotlight within the ecosystem

5. Future Plans

Integrating Contributor Roles

In the near future, we plan to integrate contributor roles with permanent responsibilities, enabling community members to take up tasks anytime and be rewarded for the results they achieve. These roles will be designed to drive partnerships, deals, viral social media content, and other key activities that contribute to the growth of the CROWNWORLD ecosystem.

Onchain Recognition

Users get kudos, a Soul Bound Token (SBT) for verified Proof of Contribution, which will help users build their on-chain reputation.

CROWNHOOD Profile with Dashboard

· Social media-style profile for showcasing earned SBTs (Soul Bound Tokens) and completed tasks.

· Profile serves as a reference for potential employers to highlight skills and achievements.

· Provides a seamless way to showcase expertise, build reputation, and leverage completed tasks as evidence of skills and capabilities.

Web3 integration

· Web3 authentication with wallet sign in where users will not require an email address or password to login

· Social media authentication to CROWNHOOD platform with platforms like Twitter and discord

6. Get Started: Be a Part of Our Collaborative Journey

  • Explore the Bounties Platform and connect with fellow rookies
  • Share ideas, and feedback, and collaborate on tasks and projects
  • Contribute to the growth and success of the CROWNWORLD ecosystem
  • Visit the Bounties Platform at [Crownhood Bounties (] and let’s create, collaborate, and grow together in the cryptosphere



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