Cronos World announces strategic partnership with Automatic Venture Group

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2 min readJan 12, 2022

Cronos World is pleased to announce Automatic Venture Group as a strategic partner. With this partnership Cronos World and Automatic Venture Group aspire to build a vital ecosystem and exchange ideas to give rise to a solid foundation in building a strong community base around the globe.

Automatic Venture Group is a development platform that will help Cronos World to build a strong and widespread community across the global crypto space. With a strong base in the Russian Crypto Space, Automatic Venture Group will not only help Cronos World to establish itself in the Russian Cryptocurrency market but also help it build an active Russian community that would play a major role building a healthy structure of community for the long run.

With this partnership both Cronos World and Automatic Venture Group aspire to bring out a very robust platform with a thriving community for the future.

About Automatic Venture Group
Automatic Venture Group is a platform that helps in connecting Crypto geeks from around the globe. With it’s wide network and planned marketing strategies with in-depth knowledge in token sales to NFTs and spot and future trading to project overview in YouTube, Automatic Venture Group proves itself to be a very valuable faction in crypto space. With keeping metaverse under their radar Automatic Venture Group is in no way behind in the race of development in Crypto Space.

About Cronos World
Cronos World is a project based on the Cronos chain developed by CryptoCom. Cronos World platform is creating a distinct product portfolio that aspires to serve multiple objectives on the Cronos network. The platform aims to contribute to developers and investors in the extensive adoption of the Cronos chain, thus aiding all the stakeholders efficiently. Cronos World includes a decentralized exchange (DEX), an NFT marketplace, a launchpad, and an incubator for Cronos chain-based projects.

As a result, Cronos World hopes to solidify the groundwork for the entire Cronos ecosystem, thereby giving rise to a unique platform.

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