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Q1 Report

It has been an incredible first quarter for Cronos World, even though it was never a smooth journey. We can’t ignore the perilous situations that created market uncertainties and almost tainted our vision. Some of those events include, but not limited to, the Ukraine-Russia war, inflation, wavering energy prices, hostile governmental regulations in some countries and so on.

As the saying goes, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonades.” Despite all the odds, Cronos World continued to grow both in numbers and in accomplishments. However, we must emphatically acknowledge that our success in this quarter would not have been obvious without the immense support of our community who remained staunch and unshaken while anticipating the innovations from Cronos World.

We achieved great things in the first three months of the year and we are proud to share with our community and network of supporters, a detailed summary of our activities in the last 100 days.

January 2022

Celebrating of Life

January started with the community celebrating Bitcoin turning 13. Also called “The Genesis Day,” Cronos World remembered the birth of the first decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency network — a concept that brought the revolution the financial world needed. Bitcoin’s 13th anniversary celebration therefore ushered us into our other activities for the year.

Cronos World Contest

In mid-January, we launched a meme contest titled “The Memes that Caught Our Eyes!” and recorded overwhelming participation from memers worldwide. While we could not stop applauding the participant’s creativity, we had to settle for the best 15 memes, which we eventually posted on our medium page.

Cronos World announced the winners of yet again, another interesting competition, “Infographics that Were Worth a Thousand Words!” The competition was intended to help summarize information about our vision and roadmap into comprehensive content for the readers to digest.

We were overwhelmed with the number of great content received but the best 15 infographics were finally selected and adequately rewarded.

Immediately after that event, we announced another competition titled “When I Say Cronos World, You Say…?”, which also turned out to be very successful and productive in qualitative and quantitative terms.


We secured our first partnership of the quarter with Automotive Venture Group — a development platform that connects crypto communities globally. The deal was struck to accelerate the development of its robust ecosystem and build a solid community that spans the crypto space.

The partnership was followed by another deal with Blockster, a media platform delivering the latest crypto news and information. We announced a community partnership with Blockster to help relay high-quality content, such as educational and promotional content, to the DeFi community using various channels.

We further collaborated with DCT Capital to foster a stronger community base in India. This synergy with DCT Capital as well as some existing partners further placed us among the crypto elites in Asia Pacific at large.


To engage our community excitedly, we organized a game of puzzles. We rewarded ten people that decoded the puzzle and awarded them some special roles on our Discord server with intrinsic value additions.

AMA Sessions

We had many AMA sessions in January and each turned out to be massively fruitful.

Our first AMA session was with Sheldon (the CMO), Anand (the CEO), and Pawni (the COO). The session was framed to simplify to our growing audience, the Cronos World agenda and the key features in its ecosystem. Not only was the session engaging, but it was also educational and enlightening. Even without a physical champagne to pop together, the community had so much fun and got a glimpse of the vision of Cronos World in the DeFi space as well as the blockchain industry, in general.

We hosted another AMA session with MH Ventures, and as always, it was an illuminating session for our community.

Additionally, we did the first giveaway, where we presented our Inception NFTs to winners that participated in the AMA session.

Another AMA was organized by Cronos World on Desi Crypto Trades. Here, a reward pool of 200 USDT was given to 10 winners at $20 each for providing the correct answers to the questions asked.

The Dutch Crypto Investors community also held an AMA event with Noel Braggs and our special guest, Mani.

This was followed by another AMA on Ex Network Capital, where winners were rewarded with some USDT.

February 2022

Strategic Partnerships

On climbing to the peak requires leaning on the shoulders of reputable brands, we continued securing strategic partnerships with major platforms throughout the month of February. We collaborated with “The Launch Hive,” a development platform to help Cronos World gain a more solid community base in the crypto industry. The partnership, in part, established for Cronos World, a network that will grow the platform and assist the community in accessing promising crypto projects.

Cronos World also sealed a mutual partnership deal with BitLiberte — an NFT platform driving the integration of e-commerce into Web3. This partnership is helping Cronos World to have a stronger NFT community by granting our community an exclusive access to all products launched in BitLiberte stores. Cronos, on the other hand, is also helping to launch BitLiberte products on Crown NFT marketplace.

We project to expand our ecosystem and community into the full Metaverse economy. This informed our partnership with AcknoLedger– a major force in the Web3 space to help Cronos World achieve its optimum plans.

To bolster our users’ data protection and KYC verification, we partnered with Hypersign. The partnership is providing Cronos World with the security infrastructure to validate, authorize, and manage digital certificates of our esteemed users.

We also announced a deal with Vietnam-based Venture capital firm CMC Capital. CMC Capital invests in promising blockchain projects, and our partnership with them was to help projects get rightfully funded.

The Unveiling of Cronos Launchpad

We launched our maiden innovative, community-engineered product (CrownPAD) with features, such as Powerups, wildcard allocation, powerhouse, and Gami-Fi community. CrownPAD is Cronos World’s launchpad aiming to help crypto investors and our community access promising blockchain projects.

To understand our user’s experiences with launchpads, we hosted “The Launchpad Chronicles Series” on our Twitter page. We asked the community about their worst experiences, and what they would have done differently. We rewarded 30 users with the most insightful answers with 10 $CRO each. This event rounded-off another fun-filled month for our community.

March 2022

Like the previous months, Cronos World kicked off March on a very high note.

Discord Competition

We started with a Discord Invite Competition to reward users with Stack Stats, exclusive crypto resources, and a rare VIP pass based on the number of invites.

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Cronos World will never miss out on International Women’s Day as we joined the rest of the world to celebrate virtuous, courageous, and powerful women globally with special regards for women in the entourage of Cronos World.

Quiz Arena

We announced a community AMA quiz to quest our users about their understanding of Cronos World and what we are doing differently in the crypto industry. The five fastest persons with the highest number of correct answers were rewarded with $10 USDT each.


Cronos World added another collaboration to its long list, with R8 Block Capital coming on board. R8 is another venture fund that invests in DeFi projects with potential. The partnership aimed at making Cronos more accessible to investors.


One of the major milestones we accomplished was debuting Cronos World in Poland. The move on-boarded several Polish-speaking individuals to the platform.

As a result, we announced a community AMA, with rewards equating a $150 worth of $CROWN Tokens.

Community Growth

We have a constantly expanding followership on our various platforms such as Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Medium and so on. Using the growth metrics of our medium page for evaluating our steady rise, we had 618, 523 and 462 new followers in January, February and March respectively. These figures add to the 31,161 followers we have as of December, 2021 and currently standing at over 33k followers on Medium alone. By extrapolating these figures vis-à-vis investment prospects, Cronos World is proud of the geometric rise we recorded in our community in the Q1 of 2022.

What’s Next?

Cronos had set up plans to launch the mainnet version of Gravity Bridge to integrate IBC Channels and token whitelist.

We are coming up with our NFT presale and IDO events within the next few weeks as the market signals permit.

Within our broader spectrum of initiatives on CrownPAD, we are rolling out the world’s first-ever RPG Launchpad with CrownHOOD to its name precisely.

We are reaching out to KOLs to admit into CrownHOOD in order to experience a fully-decentralized Launchpad functioning, with scintillating benefits for onboarded KOLs as well as the community at large.

We are inducting regional NFT influencers into the supporting agencies while we continue to expand our audience base simultaneously.

Final Words

We thank our community, partners, investors and prospective users for their unrelenting support and commitment to the vision of Cronos World. We have mentioned, without counts, that Cronos World is not for a quick show and fade away like a smokescreen. This is why we are taking much time to perfect all plans and initiatives before they become activated for community exploration. In that same spirit, we will continue to improve on our previous performance and keep introducing new features into the ecosystem as the journey continues.


Thanks for reading……. From the Management and Board, Cronos World.

Join the journey, Explore Cronos World!! 💫

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