Cronos World Unveils its First Product: An Overview of CrownPAD

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4 min readMar 1, 2022

There is a widespread development of launchpads in the blockchain industry right now and projects are experiencing varying degrees of difficulties as well as opportunities adapting to this trend. While only a few projects have survived the glitches of some so-called launchpads, a large number of projects have failed to thrive.

Typically, launchpads are expected to provide retail investors with access that was previously restricted to venture capitalists and other large-scale investors alone. Also, a growing number of stakeholders are investing in those launchpads to gain access to projects with high expectations, hoping that such projects will take off and the native token will become highly valuable within the bigger chain ecosystem, but an eventual disappointing story has been the major narrative for many investors.

What Makes CrownPAD Different From Other Launchpads?

Presently, launchpads operating in the market are facing challenges such as the prohibition of access to participate in specific events and unguaranteed allocation slots for community members.

CrownPAD, unlike others, is putting the community first. Investors are getting allocation through multiple tiers and a fair allocation methodology to ensure fairness. We are empowering the next generation of solution-based and market-oriented DeFi and GameFi innovations in the blockchain ecosystem. Facilitated by multi-chain support networks, a community-driven governance structure, a wide participation framework, and sustainability mechanisms, CrownPad is providing a flourishing path for blockchain start-ups.

CrownPAD’s USP can be summed up in the following three points.

The first significance of CrownPAD is its Unique allocation methodology: Firstly, CrownPAD has introduced a wildcard allocation methodology. Investors can be eligible for whitelisting with a minimum allocation size of 1 $CROWN token. This is geared towards the smaller investor, someone who is wary of investing at the significant minimum level.

Another distinguishing feature of CrownPad is the allocation power-up feature. Our allocation power-ups will boost your guaranteed ticket size by a multiple of 2 up to 5. Community members who have performed admirably in nurturing the ecosystem would be eligible for these allocations. This scheme would allow investors to have the best of both worlds.

The Powerhouse is represented with an open ambassador programme. Community members can apply to become an ambassador and list the special talent that they think will be useful to the projects listed on the launchpad. With a working talent database, projects can engage with the community members themselves to act as content providers for them. The community is already engaged with the project and therefore using them as content creators will cut down the communication lag and create a better experience for everyone involved. The community will also act as a marketing army, helping to push key contents out to the world. They will act as an agent to amplify the project details into the world.

A community that is playful: For community members, contribution tracking is done through roles, rewards and badges, making the whole ecosystem very playful. People who contribute to our ecosystem will receive good roles and as their contribution becomes bigger, it will be reflected in the badges they receive as well as upgrading their roles.

The ultimate goal is to provide investors with a fully-integrated experience and to remove the friction associated with the way some launchpads are currently operating in the market. CrownPad is building a lifeblood relationship whereby every participant is a winner. Something good for everyone.

In conclusion, CrownPad is community-engineered, highly-decentralized and creates the best network of opportunities for investors scouting for promising blockchain projects. Through CrownPad, Cronos World aims to build the next generation of blockchain projects that are metaverse-bound with immense economic prospects for its community members and investors, in general. Stay tuned for updates that bring you up-to-speed on how CrownPAD unravels the industry.

About Cronos World

Cronos-World is building a multi-utility platform for Cronos chain!

There are 3 products to begin with:

1) Launchpad → CROWN PAD

2) NFT Marketplace → CROWN NFT Marketplace

3) DEX- Aggregator → CROWN DEX

All 3 products will be powered by the same token $CROWN.

Join the journey, Explore Cronos World!!

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Crown World

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