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3 min readNov 12, 2021

CronosWorld Makes Ties With Some Impactful VC firms
Cronos World is contented to announce that they have tied up with some impactful VC firms such as Exnetwork Capital, Grizzly Capital, and Legion Ventures.

Strategic Partners Will Help CronosWorld Grow:

Exnetwork capital, which is a hyperconnected investment firm will incubate and help Cronosworld boost CronosWorld’s growth and development. CronosWorld will also get access to Exnetwork’s hyperconnected network, technical and non-technical tools.

Grizzly capital will help CronosWorld reach out to the Dutch crypto community, and provides services for community growth, project design, etc. They are the first VC firm volunteering to provide liquidity on our DEX. They also will be helping CronosWorld in growing their community on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, Discord, etc.

Legion Ventures, which is an incubation firm in the blockchain space, and its goal is to help startups rise in the early stages. Legion ventures will help CronosWorld connect with users on YouTube and Facebook where majority of their expertise lies in on the community end

Thus, these partnerships with leading firms will help CronosWorld to accelerate and get the exposure they need in the market to achieve new heights.

About Exnetwork Capital

Exnetwork Capital is an incubator that comprises a group of investors, builders, traders, and influencers, who are active and looking for opportunities in the Blockchain Industry using on-chain analysis, startup life modeling, and others. Moreover, Exnetwork Capital has been an essential ingredient for the success of numerous projects launched since 2018. Their portfolio contains companies like FTX Exchange, Thorchain, Celsius, DIA, Polkastarter, and Orion Protocol.

About Grizzly Capital

Grizzly Capital is a team of crypto enthusiasts that started early in 2013. They are a SAAS (Software As A Service) based company, which provide services for instance

1 Code Review
2 Report Writing
3 Community Growth
4 Project Design

According to Grizzly capital, they have gained a lot of valuable insights about successful launches, market dynamics, etc. However, some clients with Grizzly Capital have worked so far are: Go Influencer, Sincity, Shibance, Star Terra, Vale, Solpad, etc.

About Legion Ventures

Legion Ventures is founded by J.D. Salbego, he is a respected global leader, market influencer, international speaker, published author, and internationally-recognized subject matter expert in blockchain, crypto assets, digital securities, and decentralized finance. Legion Ventures is a community-driven, privately-funded venture capital platform, specializing in Blockchain and cryptocurrency assets. Their vision is to make an impact in society and passion to make that happen. Legion Ventures are true holders of DLT (Decentralized Ledger Technology) and are dedicated to helping Blockchain startups in their early stages.

They have a good reach on social media platforms such as

1 Twitter: 45,000 + reach
2 YouTube: 18,000 + reach
3 Telegram: 5,000 + reach
4 Facebook: 50,000 + reach

The portfolio of Legion Ventures includes companies like Blocktopia, Gaia Everworld, Trustpad, NFTpad.Fi, Octane, Project Seed, and many more.

About CronosWorld

CronosWorld is a platform that aims to provide a diverse product portfolio for serving multiple purposes on the Cronos network. It is an “all in one platform for Cronos Ecosystem”. The contribution of CronosWorld to the Cronos chain includes a Decentralized exchange (DEX), an NFT marketplace, a launchpad, and an incubator for Cronos’s chain-based project. Moreover, the platform is also planning to launch a Game-Fi system for playing games.

However, the Cronos chain is new in the Blockchain space, and CronosWorld pursues to provide a smooth onboarding experience for investors to adapt Cronos Ecosystem by providing them everything in one place.

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