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4 min readApr 21, 2023

What CROWNWORLD Genesis badge is and its handy utilities

In this guide, we’ll provide you with all the information you need about the CROWN WORLD Genesis badge, including its features and how to obtain one. The badge is more than just an NFT, as it grants you access to numerous benefits within our Ecosystem. You’ll gain access to exclusive areas and receive various perks by minting one. We’ll also answer some common questions about the badge.

1. What does the Genesis badge do?

Every Genesis badge serves as a membership pass in our ecosystem. It also acts as a key to unlocking all the member-only perks we have to offer. The badge is minted on the Polygon blockchain and can be stored in a wallet, currently Metamask.

Badge utility:

· Badge holders get early access to the Crown World Launchpad launches

· Get access to Private Allocation of top-tier projects

· Access to Web3 & NFT Alpha (Private Discord Channel)

· Early announcements of new partnerships (24 hours in advance)

· Surprise membership benefits and perks

2. How to mint your badge

The Genesis badge lives on Polygon meaning transactions are near instant for minting — MINT NOW


· Have a Metamask browser wallet installed

· Connect the Matic network with a minimum of $1 worth of MATIC tokens as a network fee to mint the badge

· Active Email ID

3. How to participate in Early Believer Airdrop?

A. Visit this page to claim your Crown World Genesis badge

B. Submit your name & email id and Verify your email id via OTP.

C. Follow our Social handles and Show some love by spreading the artist’s message.

D. Connect your wallet with Polygon Network (MetaMask, WalletConnect etc.)

E. Claim your Token

F: Join our Discord to be updated with further Announcements

Congrats! You’ve successfully claimed your Crown World Genesis badge!

Time to flex your badge now by sharing it on Twitter with the #CrownWorld !

4. Where to view your badge

You can view your badge on Connect your wallet and you can see the badge

You can view your transaction on Polygonscan and put your wallet address to see the latest txn to see if it has been processed.

To view your badge, you can always connect to OpenSea and view all the NFTs located in your wallet.

5. FAQ

What is the Crownworld Genesis badge?

Similar to a master key unlocking multiple doors, the Crownworld Genesis badge allows holders to access exclusive member-only events and benefits across our ecosystem. This badge is an NFT that is stored in your crypto wallet, and by possessing it, you’ll gain early access to Crown World Launchpad launches.

Who is eligible to claim?

Open to All, Any Crypto enthusiast can claim

How much does it cost?

The Crown World Genesis badge is free but you will have to pay the network fee to mint it

When can I claim a badge?

Claim now

What are the benefits of holding a badge?

As a holder of the CROWNWORLD Genesis badge, you’ll receive exclusive benefits that grant you early access to Crown World Launchpad launches and private allocations to top-tier projects. Additionally, you’ll be granted access to the Web3 & NFT Alpha Private Discord channel, which will keep you updated on all the latest news and developments. You’ll also be among the first to receive announcements of new partnerships, with a 24-hour advance notice. On top of these perks, there will also be surprising membership benefits and perks that you can enjoy as a badge holder

Be sure to keep up on the latest CROWNWORLD news from our Twitter.



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