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4 min readAug 14, 2022

Generally speaking, the crypto industry is, to a very large extent, dependent on the prosperity and dexterity of the coin market. The upward trend of a crypto bull market, for instance, lifts all ships along with it and any chink in its armour. Also, a major coin failing or decomposing to its doom is bound to bring down the entire market with them, as evidenced by the $LUNA crash.

To this end, creating crypto projects that are immune from the haphazard movement of the market curve is important. Projects based on a strong sense of community and loyalty to the basic growth principles; projects that have the power divided between the investors and the workers from a community point of view; projects that have clear sustainability strategies with abundant rewards for its users on the journey. These features define exactly what CrownPAD is building.

The CrownPAD ecosystem has been strategically divided into a number of houses. The Houses have been aligned in a way that the workflow for the project launch IDO flows from one house to the next.

The first house is called the House of Scholars. This house is the nerve centre of the operation. They design strategies to attract projects, vet them and make a shortlist of potential candidates. When a project approaches us, members of this house do the job of vetting and greenlighting. This house consists of four different roles that members can fulfill. The roles are named Explorer; the one who searches for new projects, Generals; getting our word out to potential projects, Evaluators: rating peoples’ performance and assigning them XP points and last but not the least Believers: the ones who invest in our IDOs without any direct involvement in daily operations.

The second house, the House of Artisans, creates content materials for the projects and prepares for us the ammo to go do our work. They create content to hype up sales and promote the IDO throughout the crypto zeitgeist. Individual projects can contact them separately to create specialized content for them. With their existing knowledge of the projects, they would be suited best for this job. This house consists of two main roles. Craftslord; the ones who create all the graphic content requirements and Wordsmith; the ones who create all the written content requirements.

The third house is the House of Conquests. They promote the projects IDO token launch in various crypto communities and such through social media channels like Discord and Twitter. They are our messengers to the world and they have the primary responsibility of creating channels of network, whereby we can publish our content. It consists of Diplomats; the ones who foster relationships for us, Warlords; they are our army of social media posters who go through various crypto groups on the internet and post our messages, Captains; our associated KOLS and Landlords; our associated crypto group moderators.

The fourth and final piece of the puzzle is the House of Allies which helps to earn credibility in the market. They are market leaders who promote the CrownHOOD brand throughout the crypto market ecosystem up to the global level. This house consists of two roles. Nobles; our VC partners and Monarchs; our project partners who collaborate with us at our mutual benefit.

This structure of functions in CrownHOOD makes the houses immune to a lot of external market influences. The community members in CrownHOOD, for example, commit their time and money into the ecosystem. By this, they gain when $CROWN token gains and may also lose when $CROWN token starts losing its value. Therefore, while holding the tokens in a time of uncertainty makes a lot of sense, contributing their best to ensure that the tokens attract growing market value makes far greater sense.

Concluding Remarks

The market changes in the cryptosphere are oftentimes brutal to users generally. Nevertheless, the developers of CrownPAD believe that our policies and reward structures will make the community worth more than just the immediate income through IDOs. The infrastructures they help in creating will form a networking tool for them where they can grow their business relations. Also, working towards a common goal for a long time will create a sense of friendship and ownership that will yield beyond purely economic returns alone, but will generate more blockchain-based innovations in the industry in general.

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