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CrownHOOD is building an active RPG community!

A community that actively shapes the working and culture inside the CrownPAD community, dividing the total into four individual houses comprising a few roles each. These houses describe the broader heading responsibilities depending on their roles.

This RPG collaboration effort will provide the X-factor that makes CrownPAD stand out in the space that has seen little innovation. The projects of the future need a launchpad that reflects the culture and values they themselves stand for. We at CrownPAD are trying to synergise our value propositions in a way that high-class gaming and Metaverse projects feel compelled to hold their token generation events with us through IDOs.

CrownHOOD welcomes you to join our ranks. Now, the most important question that comes to mind: how to get started? CrownHOOD has made this very easy.

Introducing the 12 different roles that members can take up, and get involved in. These roles broadly group up to form these distinct houses.

House of Scholars has the following roles.

  • Believers- One of the most important roles in the ecosystem. A Believer, as the word describes, believes in our partner projects. Participating in project IDOs as an investor is their extent of direct involvement with the ecosystem. They do not owe any core responsibilities to the CrownHOOD, but they provide the backbone. Their numbers and their investing strength help CrownPAD function in this highly competitive crypto launchpad arena, attracting interesting and exciting projects to our ranks.
  • Explorers - this role, as the name suggests is for exploring the crypto market in search of brand new upcoming projects. The role requires the user to search for the project, conduct research operations on it and create a report for CrownHOOD on why we should take up the project. The research has to be done up to stipulated levels of insight. Your value in the ecosystem will be determined by the thoroughness with which you can research and create a report.
  • Generals - This role is the other side of the coin from the explorer role. Generals are tasked with venturing out at CrownHOOD representatives and presenting exciting projects with our value propositions. You need to have the proper insight and level of clarity in our functioning whereas you can dictate to the project our terms of engagement and how we can help them with a go-to-market strategy.
  • Evaluators - This role has been created in order to track the performance of the ecosystem. The members are working in an independent honour-based system. Against their work, they are to receive rewards, XP points and prestige and rank in the ecosystem. All of this work produced regularly needs to be evaluated by someone. This group of evaluators will be responsible for impartially judging the work in the ecosystem and assigning XP points.

The next two roles group up into the House of Artisans

  • Craftlords - Designers and other visual content creators will form this classification. These users will be responsible for creating a visual image that tells the CrownPAD story. They will also have the opportunity to collaborate with various projects launching on the platform and work for them during the launch. CraftsLords will be responsible for creating Videos, Infographics, GIFs, memes etc. Sticking to the specific type of content that they are proficient in will be helpful for them, attracting that kind of work easily and help them sustain a long life in the CrownHOOD.
  • Wordsmiths - Creating our Crownlore and spreading that lore in the cryptoverse. This is the primary role of wordsmiths. Creating long-form and short-form content like Tweets, blogs, press releases etc will fall under this role’s purview. Keep in mind, that the content that these wordsmiths churn out will form the base materials from which everybody will draw including the KOLs and VCs and other projects.

These four roles form the noble House of Conquests.

  • Diplomats - As the name suggests, Diplomats are our messengers to the world. They bridge the gap between us and the crypto world. They help in setting a line of dialogue with our prospective partners. They along with other members of this house help create synergy and coordinate to make this CrownPAD project reach out and build new bridges.
  • Warlords - They are responsible for implementing our content strategy on the cryptoverse. They spread the word through social media, increasing our visibility in the market. They will have the responsibility of posting our content in various telegram, discord and other crypto groups. Their primary job is to pile up the number of active consumers of CrownPAD material.
  • Captains - They represent the KOLs that are associated with our platform. These captains have one primary responsibility of spreading our word through their channels of influence. Be it youtube, TikTok, Instagram or any other network where you are an influencer, our content needs to be shared there in regular intervals. We are also inviting them to provide us with their preferred mode of content dissemination. We shall inculcate that in our workflows and ask our content creators to create content tailored to those requirements.
  • Landlords - Landlords command an army of Crypto discussion groups (TG, Discord, FB groups etc). These community members have gigantic crypto groups that they have inculcated at their fingertips. They can arrange for contests, giveaways, AMA, and quizzes. Landlords will be responsible for a churning flow of activity that always keeps the greater community happy and let them periodically be reminded of our name.

The following roles constitute the House of Allies.

  • Nobles - Nobles are royalty. They are important industry brethren like VCs. They provide us with credibility. As Nobles, we need you to leverage your networks of influence to promote our project. Help us secure Web3 projects and help our partner projects with your networks and connections, and help them flourish well. To create a successful project you need to bring out the big guns. Nobles are our Big Guns and they will prove to be very helpful in creating our value propositions projecting our value to the cryptoverse.
  • Monarchs - All the projects in the crypto space that want to establish synergistic relationships with our ecosystem. Cryptoverse is still the internets wild west. Nothing is really stable yet and sticking together for a common purpose is required to ride out this craziness. Monarchs will increase our networks and we in turn theirs. They will help enunciate our value propositions better and thus make our ecosystem more valuable. These two roles combined form the illustrious House of Allies.

These roles make up the CrownHOOD community ecosystem. Come and join us. We hope that on top of your investment returns, you gain in rewards and add valuable crypto professionals to your network.

These roles make up the CrownHOOD community ecosystem. Come and join us and we hope that on top of your investment returns, you gain in rewards and add valuable crypto professionals to your network.

Join the journey, Explore Cronos World!!!

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