New Feature Alert: CrownPAD Unveils the World’s First-Ever RPG Launchpad

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3 min readApr 14, 2022



CrownPAD is having a grand launch in a few days and in preparation for that, we are presenting this explainer to discuss in detail what the world’s first-ever RPG launchpad looks like at the CrownHOOD community.

What is an RPG launchpad?

RPG (Role Playing Games) have been a very important part of the early internet games’ culture. Since the early 1990s, gamers have been avid players of legendary games like Age of Empires and more recently, games like Skyrim and Dark Souls. These gameplay formats have shaped the patterns of individuals coming together to collaborate and play games over the internet. The decentralized aspect of individual actors coming together is exactly the approach we are implementing through CrownHOOD.

CrownHOOD Community Shaping its Functioning

One of the distinguishing principles guiding our ecosystem is the community-first ideology. We feel that our products should be self-sustainable, engaging and community-driven. By this, members in the community will become the stakeholders and can therefore run the day-to-day operations of CrownHOOD without the involvement of the founding team.

There are four basic groups within the community and each member enjoys the freedom to move or grow from one level of operations to another. The first group is the House of Scholars while the second group is the House of Artisans. The third group is the House of Conquests and the House of Allies is the apex as well as the fourth house.

By participating actively within the community, members earn basic points and earn promotional badges following the accomplishment of some roles and attainment of some achievements. Like a game culture, members can also join different houses, rise in the ranks and eventually be in a position to join the CrownDAO.

With the rollout of CrownPAD’s RPG launchpad, we are urging our community to work towards building its future. Our hope is that over time, the spirit of ownership and belongingness will run through the community and everyone will excitedly work for the launchpad to thrive. It is even more interesting to add that CrownPAD is determined to compensate the influential and hard-working members immensely. Apart from monetary compensation, committed members will be endowed with growth badges and roles, putting them in a position of power among others. A seat on the CrownDAO is the eventual cherry at the top and only a selected few community members will be prompted to become a DAO member.


Our RPG launchpad is set to fly and ready to thrive. Without any doubt, the gamified environment of our launchpad places CrownPAD in a strategic position and our loyal community remains a vibrant unit on this journey to global relevance. Finally, the RPG launchpad and the features therein will help us greatly in propelling innovative and path-breaking projects forward, helping them raise funds, and also implement successful popularization efforts within the crypto space.

Join the journey, Explore Cronos World!! 💫

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