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House of Artisans

CrownPAD’s RPG launchpad is hitting the public soon and this article is part of our explainer series towards acquainting our community with the project outlay even before the project becomes activated for global consumption. As a quick reminder, our launchpad does not only promote fundraising for blockchain projects, but it runs like a gamified arena where the CrownHOOD community members will be a key component of its functioning by playing different roles.

There are four houses under which members with similar responsibilities can be grouped, and as explained in our previous article, the first group is the House of Scholars. The second group, which is the focus of this article, is the House of Artisans which incorporates the craftslord and the wordsmith.

Parameters for Joining the House of Artisans:

This house provides an open-door to enter the cryptocurrency world by giving ample opportunity to individuals with different skills to exhibit their prowess in the industry. Those skills include, but not limited to, Content Creators, Technical Writers, Digital Marketers, Graphics Designers, Meme Makers, Video Producers, Infographics, Shillers and SEO experts. Individuals with these skills can therefore join the legion of professionals on CrownPAD to shape the future of the crypto world, the gaming ecosystem as well as the metaverse collectively.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The crypto enthusiasts who join this house will actively participate and contribute to the growth of the ecosystem by commercializing their skills.
  • The members will showcase their unique talents that will benefit vetted projects that get launched in our ecosystem.
  • The members should hold a significant experience in the crypto space that will prove them to be worthy in providing the right value.
  • Their contribution plays a major role in the development of the CrownHOOD, so members are therefore expected to see as a responsibility, the need to constantly upgrade their skills for the benefits of different projects as well as for their personal development.

The benefits and perks CrownHOOD offers:

  • The members of the CrownHOOD will get access to the projects that get launched in the CrownPAD.
  • They get to earn rewards in Stablecoins (or) some other token immediately.
  • The members will get an opportunity to work for the projects once they get onboarded in the projects ecosystem.
  • They get achievement badges for their contributions whereby achievement badges may have some perks associated with them.
  • They can build their own “SkillQuest” profiles based on the skills they possess and get hired by other projects, communities, VCs and so on.
  • There are some other intrinsic value-additions that will be derived based on the terms established by different projects.


CrownPAD is giving rise to “The House of Artisans” towards making CrownPAD the most unique launchpad with unparalleled features offered in the industry. With this type of innovative structures introduced, Cronos World is offering a new approach in the ways launchpads operate. The House of Artisans, as explained above, will not only promote talented people in the crypto space, but it will also induct them into the right platform to showcase their talents and earn rewards simultaneously.

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