RPG Launchpad: CrownHOOD’s House of Conquests Fully-Explained

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RPG Launchpad: CrownHOOD’s House of Conquests Fully-Explained

CrownPAD’s RPG launchpad is obviously the world’s next big deal. Many crypto enthusiasts, for instance, are curious to have our articles explaining the roles, responsibilities and the benefits for members of all CrownHOOD houses. The first group is the House of Scholars while the second group is the House of Artisans. This article takes-up the third group which is the House of Conquests- an open space where all the crypto geeks will be given roles and titles. Various responsibilities and roles, like the previous houses, also have rewards and immense benefits attached to them.

Parameters for Joining the House of Conquests

The House of Conquests is specially designed for all crypto expounders, social media community owners and blockchain business developers out there. To fit into this house, you should have solid industry experience and knowledge of the blockchain industry and crypto business. On our side, we are providing a solid foundation for members of this house to grow and get exposed to projects that get launched in the CrownPAD community.

The Responsibilities for the candidates:

  • Every member will be entitled to a role that goes like Warlord for a promoter, Diplomat for a blockchain business developer and Landlord for a member who operates and holds the ownership of social media groups or communities.
  • A Warlord has to promote community projects, facilitate development and push engagement to all the crypto neighborhoods out there. The main objective is to spread awareness about CrownPAD and the potential it holds in its bid to become a formidable Launchpad globally.
  • The Diplomats are expected to bring in partnerships and help to develop the business. A diplomat needs to get partnerships that synchronize with the synergies of CrownPAD.
  • The Landlords are basically the Telegram and Discord community owners who will help in spreading awareness to their different extended communities. This will open us to a wider audience and oil the appetite of the crowd we are happy to welcome onboard.

The benefits we offer for joining our hood:

  • Every member will get exclusive access to all the projects that get launched in CrownPAD
  • There will be no restrictions on members to have their investments on multiple projects.
  • For members in this house, additional perks will be given based on their commitment to each project’s ecosystem in totality.
  • Every member will get an opportunity to have a title and level up according to the value they add. This will create a good portfolio that can be used to pitch themselves to the projects scouting for crypto professionals and talents

Final Thoughts

CrownPAD is giving an opportunity for all those people who are craving to gain experience and exposure. With this strategy of opening houses based on skills and expertise, the House of Conquests is a movement that will revolutionize the entire launchpad industry and incorporate more treasure troves of talents. So, enter the hood and join our legion!!!

Join the journey, Explore Cronos World!! 💫

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