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3 min readApr 23, 2022
House of Scholars

As confirmed by Google’s search metrics, CrownPAD is the “first ever RPG launchpad”. With this Role Playing Game format, it is a launchpad where the community becomes central actors. In a very significant way, the community decides how the platform functions, which projects are chosen and how these projects are built-up.

In actualizing the crypto launchpad mission, the development team has divided the community into a blockchain gamified system where members belong to four different groups or houses. Those houses are segregated by the work they have to do as regards the day-to-day activities on the platform. The four divisions include the House of Scholars, the Artisans, the Allies and that of Conquest.

In our usual way of simplifying all our initiatives, this article will be explaining the House of Scholars and the qualifications as well as perks for being a member.

Parameters for Joining the House of Scholars

This house would act as the fulcrum on which the mechanisms of the CrownPAD platform will continue to operate. Members in this house would form the executive core team which will be responsible for all the major bureaucratic actions. These actions would comprise segregating projects into categories and deciding on which projects to choose for an IDO on our launchpad. Members who are ready to take up this central authority role and aggregate all the ideas and policies on how to attract projects better can become a part of the House of scholars.

Specific Roles and Duties

The roles and responsibilities of members in this house can be shortlisted into the following six points:

  • Looking-out for interesting new projects in the crypto zeitgeist, ones that are gearing up for a potential IDO.
  • Making a list of projects that fit our criteria and refining the list to filter out the best options for us.
  • Pitching the plan to CrownHOOD; see how they are reacting to the proposal and organise a campaign for the projects based on the suggestions
  • Create a detailed planning brochure for prospective projects and pitch them an attractive plan that will be so good to refuse. Tell projects extensively about CrownHOOD and quantify the value our dedicated community of talents can provide for them.
  • If all the pieces fall in place, successfully complete onboarding of the project on our platform.
  • Keep open lines of communication with them and convey their thoughts to the CrownHOOD.

Perks of Becoming a Member

All the members of our extended community are welcomed to join the house.

  • Participation in the house responsibilities and completing deliverables will determine your position in the house hierarchy.
  • The better you perform, the more you will be rewarded with highly effective members receiving monetary compensation.
  • For the House of Scholars, in particular, rewards will depend on the projects they bring into the fold and on their valuation.
  • Apart from these major compensation packages, smaller rewards like Discord badges and opportunities for CrownQuest participation are also to be handed out.

In the spirit of full decentralization that Web3 is all about, CrownPAD is promoting a culture of belongingness and community-ownership; a platform where the community is proud of all its activities and achievements with little or no control from the founding team. CrownHOOD’s House of scholars will be a major milestone in the launchpad industry and we hope that community members will be proud to belong to such a centrally important part of our infrastructure.

Join the journey, Explore Cronos World!! 💫

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